Tips for Spring Cleaning

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Although when the sun starts shining we want to get outside as much as possible, it’s also the perfect time of year to pull your patio furniture out of storage and get to the things that have been hibernating in your home all winter. Here are our top 5 tips for spring cleaning!

  1. Make a schedule: Most people enjoy spring cleaning on a day off or a sunny afternoon when they arrive home from work. Setting aside a day to get down to the nitty gritty is imperative to keeping your home fresh and clean entering into the season we all enjoy. Try to map out which rooms need the most help and go from there!
  1. De-clutter: Yes, it’s a tad cliché but at The Jared Gardner Team, we strongly believe this: a clean space equals a clean mind. We all have a tendency to accumulate things, especially over the winter season. Now is the time to do a scan and purge out some of those un-needed items clogging up your home, leaving space for success on all fronts.
  1. Walls and Windows Need Love Too: We often neglect the things that surround us every single day; our walls and windows. The dust that accumulates in our busy homes doesn’t just settle on to the floor and furniture. Especially with seasonal changes you’re going to want to wipe your windows both inside and out so you can have a nice sparkly view of the beautiful spring flowers!
  1. Make “Light” Adjustments: No, we don’t mean moving the light fixtures around in your home, better yet, with a bright new reason to keep blinds wide open, consider re-arranging your furniture a little bit. Traffic changes drastically once the backyard becomes a hotspot. Making some light adjustments to your furniture and giving your living room a new feel is a great way to enter into the spring season.
  1. Delegate: Don’t forget about teamwork. We always need all lines contributing! Some small tasks, that can make a huge difference can be delegated to family members and housemates so you can give yourself a nice break and kick up your feet and enjoy the cool spring breeze. It’s a valuable lesson and great bonding time to show your kids, family or roommates just how much work goes into keeping your home in the wonderful state that it is.

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