Six reasons to live in the 6ix

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One of the most multicultural cities, with people from all over the world, it’s easy to see why Toronto is a great place to live. Having been ranked as the fourth most livable city in the world, based on factors such as healthcare, education, culture, and environment, it’s also a city of opportunity, growth and excitement. Read our six reasons to live in 6ix (Toronto) below:

  1. Multiculturalism

Diversity and strength, two words that are used to describe Toronto. Toronto represents an openness to immigration, multi-culturalism, and ethnicity. “Friendly Canadians” rings true in Toronto, and those that move here just seem to catch on to the phrase. 50% of the population were born outside of Canada, with residents speaking over 140 languages in total.  Although Torontonians may live a busier lifestyle than other places in the world, they still find time to connect with everyone around them.

  1. Healthcare 

Toronto prides itself in its excellent hospitals, large amount of health care professionals (321 specialists per 100,000 residents), and accessibility to specialized treatment facilities. It has the highest number of doctors’ offices within all of Canada, having 3,145 to choose from. Ontario is also takes the lead when it comes to health care wait times nationwide. Toronto took the top spot in the ranking of the best communities to retire, largely thanks to its excellent health care services.

  1. Seasons

4 Seasons: Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter. In Toronto, you experience them all. Winter is filled with a beautiful drizzle of snow, ice skating rinks, snowmobile trails and ski resorts. Spring warms up and you start to see flowers, longer days and higher temperatures. The summers are hot and sunny, with plenty of activities including beach trips, festivals, cottages and outdoor concerts. Autumn brings the picture-perfect fall filler with changing colors, pumpkin spiced lattes and cooler nights. Your unlikely to get bored in Toronto, even during the cold winters you’re not too far from a lovely coffee shop.

  1. Canada’s biggest city

Size may not matter, but public transportation, career opportunities, multiculturalism, attractions, and food do; all of which these things, Toronto has to offer. It boasts a large variety of places to go, attractions to visit and things to do, province-wide. With a population of 5,429,524, Canada is ranked as the largest city in Canada.

  1. The economy

It’s no secret that Toronto is livable. In 2015, The Economist magazine ranked Toronto as the World’s Best Place to Live in their Economist Intelligence Unit. Toronto offers a high level of safety, affordable cost of living, achievable business environment, great livability, food security and democracy. Toronto is ranked as the fourth safest city in the world, based on digital security, health security, infrastructure security, and personal security. Anywhere in the world, it’s a given that you should still take care, but it’s nice to know you’re safe even in an extremely large city. The growth within high rise condo buildings and the TTC (public transit) has made Toronto an even more appealing place to live.

  1. Global center for business and finance

Entrepreneurs are attracted to the opportunity that Toronto has to offer. Toronto is a major city for global finance and business, giving people the ability to step onto or move up the ladder in their careers. It’s also Canada’s number one start-up hub, thinking of starting your own business? Toronto is a great place to do so.



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