The Power of Paint

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When listing a home, there are certain upgrades you can do that help increase the value of your home, which in turn leads to a higher sale price.

Yes, of course there are large renovations which can become costly and some sellers choose to opt out of those, however there are some very simple and affordable ways to increase the value of your home and one of the greatest ones, is paint.

Painting your home before you list is very benefitical, and there are many upgrades you can do throughout your home with paint.

Making a room look Bigger

  • The Use of Off-White Paint

Off-white is the most widely used paint color on walls. When using off-white, either paint everything in off white, to make your home feel open and bright, or paint your walls one color and then paint the trim off-white. Contrast creates an illusion of expansion.

  • Paint the Ceiling

People often question wether or not painting their ceiling is a good idea because almost every home ceiling you see is white. When you give your ceilings some color, it draws the attention from the actual room, directing eyes away and ultimately making the room feel larger.

  • Brighten it Up

Darker paint colors can make a room feel smaller and constricted, while a brighter color will make it appear larger. There are certain rooms where a darker color may be applicable (Dining room) to create an intimate feel, however, bedrooms can benefit from brighter colors to make them feel larger and more open.

Aside from classic wall painting, there are many other ways you can use paint to increase the value of your home.

Painted Fireplaces

Painting a fireplace can change up the overall feel of a room, making it more inviting for your family and your friends. It also makes the room look much more updated and gives a sense of renovation for the mere cost of $300-$500.

Stair Banisters and Spindles

Painting your stair banisters and spindles adds so much more life to a dated set of stairs. You can really make your staircase pop with a fresh set of paint. This may be a bit more tideous, but you can accomplish it if your willing to spend around $500-$1000.

Kitchen and Bathroom Cabinets

Replacing cabinetry can become expensive, painting them is a great alternative if you’re looking to make a dramatic change to the room, especially considering the kitchen and the bathrooms are one of the most used rooms in your home. This project costs approximately $400-$600 but in comparison to replacing the cabinets, its fairly inexpensive.

Not only can you use paint to make some drastic changes inside your home, but you can also enhance the curb appeal by making some minor changes on the outside.

Front Door

Changing the color of your front door can dramatically change the overall look of your home. Choosing a vibrant color will make your home stand out. Changing the front door is one of the most cost efficient changes you can make to your home, costing you only $100.

Exterior Brick or Siding

Color is just as important on the outside as it is on the inside. A color scheme that is reflective of your taste and your homes architectural style. This change isn’t considered the easiest or the cheapest, however it is probably the one that would have the most dramatic affect on your home. Painting the exterior costs anywhere from $1500-$3500.

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